Saturday, April 10, 2010

hillsboro and chicago......

the hillsboro-roubaix race was today and i'd have to say that my results were less then stellar. basically, i let myself get too far back around mile 40. we got to the area of the course where there were many turns and accelerations. we made a left turn right into a crosswind and being so far back the peleton got really strung out. i had no protection from the wind and i was still recovering from having to jump the last gap and was redlined. i couldn't make it on and decided to just call it a day. i recovered and then just went at my own pace. i caught up to several guys and we worked together for the final miles. i ended up about 10 minutes behind the main group. i also used my new bike which i'll have to tweak since it wasn't as comfy as the canny.

i also started working in chicago this past week and will start to pack up the truck monday morning for the big move. i still haven't found a place to live, but i've got a few places in mind. so, basically, this is officially my last weekend in st. louis. tilles tomrrow.

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