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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Season preview and going ons.....

Today I feel the best I've felt since Sunday morning. Last Saturday I had a great ride with two teammates, the K bro's. It showed that my legs were certainly coming around and that my "cold wx training camp" had been working. This winter I did quite a few rides in the sub freezing temps in hopes to be ready for the early season races which elluded me last year. Anyways, after a good ride I took the kids down to Castlewood for their own training. I mushed them for about five miles on the wet soaked Al Foster trail. That night I couldn't sleep and ended up waking up and heaved just about everything I ate for dinner that night. It wasn't a good feeling. I just figured it was food poisoning and I'd be fine the next day. Well, it certainly wasn't food poisoning and I was full blown out of commision for the next three days with a severe case of diarrhea and flulike symtoms. I made a visit to the doctor when finally able and was told it was a stomach virus going around. I sure don't wish what I had upon anybody......well, let's just say most anybody. I'm still not 100%, but thankfully I've got several more days off from work. I'd gone a long time since being really sick, but it finally got me.

My main goal for this year will be to break the top 10 as last year I was really out of sorts for the first half of the season and not in race shape until mid June. I did have a few decent races last year where I took a prime in one race and got 14th. I thought I might break the top 10 in the state RR too, but after we were left with a small group on the run up to the finish I didn't quite have the sprint in my legs to beat out my fellow riders and ended up in 15th. So, this season I was on track to start off on a better note then last year with all my winter training, but now having to relocate to Chicago is throwing a wrench in all that. I'd still like to do all the St. Louis races so I'll keep those on my schedule, but it'll be more clear once I actually start working in Chicago. I know there are some big races there and being so close to Wisconsin may open up more races for me to do, especially Superweek. As for my preview it's looking pretty clouded right now, but once I'm established in the windy city everything should come together a little better. Let's hope!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

St. Louis days are numbered.......

Well, the weight of moving is starting creep in. I've gone through this one too many times. I start work in Chicago the first week of April. I've got to find a place, box up all my crap, and still find time to train, race, work on my bikes, and take the dogs out on runs. I've really grown to enjoy living here in St. Louis again after many years away, but duty calls and I got bills to pay. It's unfortunate that working for the airlines in this fragile economy has come down to this, but even in a great economy the chance of being relocated is always there when in the airline business. What can I say, it's the career path I chose, it's had its ups and downs, but all in all it's treated me well, paid me well, and allowed me the opportunity to travel. The days of working at one place are no longer the norm. When I hired on with United Airlines in the late 90's I thought that was the job that would take me to retirement. That hasn't been the case. I've now been at my current job for six years and next year I get that third week of vacation. That means more bike races!!! All I can say is that right now I'm getting tired of checking craigslist, and all the rental sites for places to live. Next week I'm going to have to get up there and look around.

As for my winter training I've actually been able to get out quite a bit. I guess you could say it's my own training camp. I haven't had to leave home and go somewhere sunny, but I have froze my ass off quite a bit. I've stepped up the monotanous flat boring rides with more rides out in the hills. I'm especially tired from yesterdays ride, but today i'll go for an easy spin with Jess. Tomorrow's ride will be with Denny and Brian. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can get in a legburning effort which is what will be needed before the upcoming races.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


we finally got our notice the other day. my last day working in st. louis will be april 6th and then i start in chicago on the 7th. i guess things could be worse, on the bright side i've still got a job. american airlines pulling out of st. louis has effected a lot of people here. i don't know yet if i want to move or just commute back every weekend. i'm sure gonna miss riding the varied terrain st. louis has to offer.

this is my long weekend and last weekend the weather didn't cooperate. today it was pretty cold, but i was still able to get in about three hours......layers and more layers. tomorrow another ride and taking the kids out mushing is in order. just when i've found some good trails to take them i'll be moving......did i mention this sucks!!!